A collection of typewritten one-page pieces, typed on an old Remington 'Correspondent' riverside at various times and on various rivers including the Yarra, Goulburn, Latrobe and Murray. Initiated as an exercise in discipline to counter the lazy effects of spellcheck and live editing, it became something more personal and nostalgic.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

typewriter time

this will be slow. i have to scan in my typewritten moments at work, pdf them, email them to myself,and publish them.

writing on typewriters is fast. you feel a little free driving a typewriter. you write as immediately as you think and as the letter punch arms get tangled you might have to slow a little. mistakes stay. format is tab and return. the editing process is entirely internal or entirely external: you remember to spell properly as you write, and if you don't like it at the end of the page, you just edit the whole damn thing into the bin. you don't have to save as you go, it is as safe and as vulnerable as a solid piece of paper.

so, this blog may take a little while to get happening, and as such will be an inversion of typewriter time. this modern technology is rather long-winded, though, for all its supposed time-saving mechanisms.

read on, take your time.


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